Water Tensions

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Water Tensions


This video piece investigates the textures, geometry, and patterns found on the surface of water, and more importantly the fleeting and impermanent nature of these textures. 

For the piece, I took stills from a zoomed in video of the Providence canal on a sunny day. From these stills, I created two animations that expand and contract, mirroring the way in which water advances and retreats from the shoreline or how the tides transition between high and low. These animations are then each played over a video of the surface of water from above.

When watching the videos, it is clear that the background and foreground are related in someway, however it is not immediately apparent that they are portraits of the same content. Overlaying the animation over the water surface from which it was generated creates a formal tension between the foreground and background and the differences and similarities between the two. However, as the individual continues to watch the videos, they are able to find certain points where the line of the animation contours the formal aspects of the background.

This piece was created to be a meditative experience. The consistent  and endless flow of movement in the background underlies the even back and forth movement in the foreground. These motions are silent and simultaneously move both in and out of sync with each other.