Untitled (Memoirs)


Untitled (Memoirs)


On my body I have four predominant scars or sets of scars. Each of which has it’s own individual and unique story. Two of these stories are of childhood accidents, while the other two are of more recent surgeries. Over the course of sixteen, double sided, wooden cards, I explore the history and integrity of these scars, and what they presently mean to me. 

The experience begins with a metal box that I made out of two sheets of steel. The box is cold to touch and somewhat sharp at the edges, creating to some extent a medical feeling through texture and touch. 

Inside the box, each card is individually wrapped in a piece of muslin cloth. So, similar to how you don’t know what you are going to see when you take of the bandage for the first time, the audience does not know what to expect every time they unwrap the next card.

These cards are made out of wood and have unique designs that have been burned into either side of the card. Some of the cards focus on formal aspects of the physical scars, while others explore the more emotional and mental repercussions of these scars. Some cards focus on both emotional and physical effect simultaneously. 

Altogether, these cards tell the stories of my scars, acting as a series of memories that are part of a larger body.