i'll call you.


As people, we use and love our phones because they allow us to communicate with friends and loved ones that we are away from. Moreover, when we are with those people, we use our phones to document and record our time with those same people through photos and videos. Then later on, when we are apart from our loved ones again we can go back to those memories in our phone. Our phones connect us to the people we love and to the times we have spent with them.

However, simultaneously the phone acts as a constant reminder that we are in fact away from these people, a bridge the phone cannot gap. If we were with our loved ones in person, we wouldn't need our phones to text or call them. Similarly, these photos and videos of happy memories grow into doleful and nostalgic reminders of where we were, where we are, and perhaps where we wished to be. 

In this piece, I explore my relationship to my phone as I use it to access these four main figures of my life, my Mother, my Father, my Brother, and Jack during my first months at college. These are real people, real texts, and real videos all taken by my phone; through them, I recreate my relationship to these people through the abilities of my phone.