20 Children

20 Children


As an installation piece that forces the audience to lay on on a cold cement floor, this piece calls attention to gun violence in America. 

I placed the question “how many more?” on the ceiling, to force the viewer to lay down on the floor in order to read the question properly. This not only forces the viewer into a position similar to those who have tragically fallen victim to gun violence, but it also allows the viewer to slow down, take a a moment to lie down and really read and think about the question and what it means. 

Emerging from the question on the wall are the silhouettes of 20 children who are running. These children are symbolic of the 20 children who were victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. Sandy Hook happened when I was in middle school, and it is important to me because it is the first school shooting that I remember understanding what had happened. I also remember not understanding what had happened, not understanding that something so evil was even possible. 

In a time where this one nation is so strongly divided, the objective of the piece was not to propose a possible solution or an opinion, but rather to begin a conversation, a dialogue, and hopefully a path to healing.